Boards & Advocacy: Engagement is Essential

BoardSource has released an updated edition of their excellent publication Ten Basic Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards which puts advocacy high on the list of essential responsibilities for voluntary non-speakerprofit leaders.

Why Is Advocacy Important Board Work?

  • The missions of non-profit organizations are too important for boards not to contribute their voices to amplify our messages.
  • Our needs require consistent informed advocacy.
  • Board members often have existing connections to and can open new communications with decision-makers at all levels of government.

From their unique position as voluntary stewards, our board members have irreplaceable roles as advocates.

How To Get Your Board More Engaged

Be Informed

BoardSource, based in Washington, is putting its muscle behind increasing board advocacy with the launch of an new initiative, Stand For Your Mission. It’s worth having a look at their approach and the many resources BoardSource and Stand For Your Mission have available for non-profit leaders.

Share What Works

If you’re not already speaking to your non-profit colleagues already about advocacy, then there is no time like the present to get started. Sharing what works, and frankly, what doesn’t, over a coffee every couple of weeks, is a great way to jump start your advocacy impact — especially if you have a shared issue on which you advocate.

Ask an Expert

Board engagement in advocacy is key to effectively and efficiently making your case. So you may want to bring in some outside expertise to help frame, plan and deliver your Board engagement discussion. Do ask for an initial consultation to find out what kind of help is available, at what price point, and whether or not there is a good fit between your non-profit and the advocacy expert.

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