How are you spending your life?

timeHow we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
Annie Dillard says it simply and pointedly: each day we do things we don’t value is a day we’ve lost.

My own best days are started by meditation. I value meditation, in part, because it helps me pay real attention to all the other things in my life that I value. Friends and colleagues who make time for the things they value — family, fitness, creative pursuits like baking, writing or painting — ¬†have the same experience of increased focus, energy and clarity which helps us all to get through the myriad peskytasks with greater ease and have time left for the things we value in our lives.

I’ve decided to recommit to my meditation practice this year. “They” say it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit so my intention is to create a good habit of meditating by sitting for a minimum of 15 minutes every morning for 30 days. It means going to bed a bit earlier so I can be up in time. I think that’s a fair trade for a bit of clarity.

All the time management tips in the world won’t help you to spend your time wisely if don’t know what you value most. So, before 2014 gets fully underway, take a few minutes to commit to understanding what your values are and how you’ll live them this year.

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