What I Do

I work with clients — individuals and organizations — to help them discover their unique paths at work and in life. I use facilitation, coaching and training techniques to explore and give voice to inherent wisdom and knowledge, to identify barriers and challenges, and to chart solutions that build on assets, strengths and abundance.

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    Facilitation and Dialogue

    Creative people need creative solutions. Through customized facilitation, I can help your group, organization, or team discover solutions to difficult challenges or persistent problems that will work for you based on your values, strengths, expertise and assets.
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    Coaching and Leadership Development

    Individuals, like organizations, have core values. Following the Co-Active Coaching Model, together, we will uncover your personal and professional values, develop your personal mission and develop your own unique leadership strengths and style.
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    I offer a range of workshops for groups of colleagues, team members, or any group of individuals looking to achieve their organizational, career or life goals. My workshops are practical and will help you or your team develop the skills you need now. 
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    Planning is an essential step in mapping out the steps to achieving your organization, work and life goals. Whether you need a strategic plan or a personal career plan, I can help. I use Personal Career Planning one-on-one as a coaching tool to help individuals identify and plan their own professional development.

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