Everyday Negotiations Workshop

The ability to negotiate is a critical skill for everyone and successful negotiating is one part art and one part science. By demonstrating the basic elements of negotiations and how to apply them artfully and fairly, this workshop will improve your chances of a successful outcome for all parties in the negotiation.

Topics include:

  • Negotiation basics — terms and principles
  • Getting from initial conversations, through the offer to concluding an agreement
  • What to do when the you and your negotiating partner are NOT on the same wavelength
  • The different negotiating styles of women and men and what that means for you

The workshop will include an opportunity for participants to practice in mock negotiations as well as group discussions of best practices. The workshop is designed to be fun, challenging, and to whet your appetite for further learning.


For more information about upcoming negotiating workshops or to inquire about a customized workshop for your team, please contact:

Lucy White, lucywhiteconsulting[at]gmail.com